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HealthKart: The platform to buy authentic products

The market is flooded with fake supplements or parallel imports that can cause harm to your body. Fake supplements usually contain banned substances such as steroids and other harmful chemicals. Spurious ingredients that are mixed with steroids are used to make cheap supplements. Such supplements are made to look like their real counterparts both in colour and texture. The pump in muscles and the mass gain are directly because of these harmful steroids in the fake supplements. These substances can cause permanent damage to your body instead of doing anything good. By seeing all these harmful impacts of anabolic steroids in fake supplements, HealthKart came up with the idea of providing Indian fitness enthusiasts with the best quality products so that they do not have to compromise on their health and achieve their fitness goals healthily.

HealthKart is the number one platform for buying top-graded health supplements and other workout essentials from renowned brands. HealthKart, the leading omnichannel for healthcare and wellness products, offers products from top-notch brands like MuscleBlaze, Optimum Nutrition, GNC, Ultimate Nutrition, Dymatize, MuscleTech, Universal Nutrition, TrueBasics, JustHer, bGREEN and many more. You can buy sports and nutritional products like whey protein, mass gainers, creatine, BCAAs, soy protein, casein, multivitamin tablets to name just a few supplements. Here you can find products from almost all domestic and international brands at the best possible prices.

At HealthKart, you can be sure of getting 100% authentic products and here are a few reasons why:

· The products manufactured under the brand’s name get its raw materials delivered from countries, like the United States and Europe.

· The manufacturing of the health supplements takes place at FSSAI, HACCP certified state of the art plant, which means that the supplement that you are getting undergoes rigorous testing and multiple quality checks before it finally reaches your doorsteps.

· Our team of experts maintains a tight quality control in our warehouse, which ensures that damaged/sub-par quality products are not shipped to the customers. The team of HealthKart invests an enormous amount of time, works effortlessly day and night and invests a lot of money on the supply chain, which ensures you get authentic products. This is where HealthKart stands.

· We source supplements (other than home brand) directly from the manufacturers and there are no middlemen involved. This ensures that you get authentic supplements at the best possible prices.

· All the international and domestic brands supplements or workout essentials offered by us undergo numerous quality checks before they are finally shipped to the consumers.

· All the products sold by us come with a unique code and you check the authenticity of the product either by verifying this unique code on the brand’s website or sms the code to the number provided.

· HealthKart works with premium logistic partners so that there is no fraud in between. We take utmost care of the transportation and make sure that our customers receive only authentic products on time. You will get detailed notifications about your package in every stage while it is still in transit.

· We offer all our customers a hassle free return policy wherein they can return the bought supplements within 14 days from the date of receiving the package. If you are not satisfied with the products we will return your money or provide you with an alternative option.

· The authenticity of the products can be easily found by the customer feedback and experience. You can check the reviews of satisfied customers on our website.

We know the value of your hard-earned money and care for the health of our customers. The team of HealthKart works with the sole aim of supplying you with the best-in-class, premiere quality health and nutritional supplements at a reasonable price in order to complement your fitness journey. You can get huge discounts on supplements as there are no resellers involved in between (we source the supplements directly from the manufacturers). HealthKart believes firmly in growing and evolving its brand’s reputation in order to provide the best and top graded products to fitness enthusiasts all over India.

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