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How a Staffing Agency Can Help Augment Your Hiring Capability

A talented workforce is the greatest asset for an organisation to scale quickly. While the perfect candidate in your company can make all the difference in the world, finding one that fits the job description and the culture can be an expensive and time-consuming ordeal. That’s when staffing agencies come into the picture. A staffing agency streamlines the hiring process through its years of expertise and extensive candidate database.

Hiring a staffing agency for recruiting top talent is a smart solution for not only solving your staffing woes but also saving valuable time and resources. These agencies act as a nexus between the candidate and hiring manager to find the perfect candidate that fits the job description like a glove.

Still wondering how a staffing agency can augment your organisation’s hiring capability? Read on to find out how.

Freedom to Modify the Hiring Process

When using a staffing agency to recruit candidates, you have the opportunity to test out different hiring processes and modify the ones in place, which is a costly exercise when performed with the in-house hiring team. You can opt for direct hire or direct placement, contract-to-hire or even contract to temporary hire strategies.

Expert Guidance and Hiring Strategy

Despite being in the know of multiple hiring processes, an organisation may not know which one is the best suited for its needs. Staffing agencies provide constant support and ideas, allowing you to gather experience and knowledge necessary for expanding your hiring capability. When you cannot figure how many employees need to be sourced to meet growth plans or the kind of skills a particular job requires, a staffing agency can serve as a valuable tool for guiding you and building a solid hiring strategy.

A Wider Pool of Qualified Candidates

Pairing up with a staffing agency grants you access to a readymade database of an enormous pool of suitable candidates. An agency’s meticulous screening and selection process also helps you choose from the best. This allows you to take your pick from qualified individuals that may not be accessible to your an in-house talent acquisition team.

Reduced Risk of New Hire Turnover

There is nothing more troublesome for an organisation to spend its valuable time, money and manpower to train a new employee, only to realise they aren’t a good fit. Staffing agencies solve the problem of bad hires by taking factors such as the candidate’s future goals and expectations from the company into account to increase retention and decrease turnover costs.

Enhanced Performance Through Employee Engagement

A 2017 finding by Gallup revealed that highly engaged employees were 21% more profitable, 17% more productive and led to 59% less turnover. A good way to improve employee engagement and scale business is to work with a staffing agency as they choose employees after a rigorous process of sourcing, interviewing, and hiring.

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