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Meet ‘Tooter’, India's answer to Twitter: All you need to know about desi social network

An Indian version of Twitter named ‘Tooter’ has hit the internet and the new platform is identifying itself as a Swadeshi social network which is ‘Made in India’. The interface of ‘Tooter’ is similar to Twitter with a white-and-blue colour scheme. ‘Tooter’ boasts to be ‘Swadeshi Andolan 2.0’.

It seems that ‘Tooter’ has been active since June-July, but the platform grabbed netizens’ attention on Twitter on Tuesday (November 24). One Twitter user even compared ‘Tooter’ to Parler, which was an American micro-blogging site launched in 2018. Parle claims to be all about free speech and is quite popular among outgoing US President Donald Trump’s supporters, American conservatives, conspiracy theorists, anti-Semitists.

So what is Tooter? Let’s take a look.

What is Tooter?

The About page for Tooter has this to say: “We believe that India should have a Swadeshi social network. Without one we are just a digital colony of the American Twitter India Company, no different than what we were under the British East India Company. Tooter is our Swadeshi Andolan 2.0. Join us in this Andolan. Join us!”

Who all are using Tooter?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is there on Tooter with a verified account. Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Sadhguru are also on the platform with verified accounts. The BJP also has an official account on Tooter.

What all can you do on Tooter?

The design and interface of Tooter looks very similar to Twiiter. Tooter allows the users to make a profil and make lists. There is a news feed, you follow people, you tweet, oops you toot. The blue color of Tooter is similar to the one Twitter uses for its official handle.

Tooter has a blue ‘conch’ as its symbol.

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How to sign up for Tooter?

The app is available on Google Play Store and the website is at Tooter is not available for iOS app as of now. Just put your email id, create a password and a new username and you can sign up to Tooter.